Does saying “Hello” make a difference?


You have to ask yourself why are kids so persistent in getting their parents attention? Sounding like a broken record yelling out… “Mum, mum! mum or dad, dad, dad!!!!!!!!” 9.3 million times?


Till finally the beaten and worn-out parent asks the one question that will hopefully stop this kiddie barrage. Taking a deep breath and through gritted teeth ask……“WHAT darling?!!!”


To get the reply of “Nothing” followed with a sheepish grin.. What is driving this behaviour?


The answer is simple., We are looking at feeding an innate biological desire that is to be acknowledged. To be acknowledged by another human that you exist. As soon as that kid is acknowledged they are flooded with a calmness knowing that they are safe and loved. The thing is it’s not just kids that have this innate desire – we all do. We crave acknowledgement from our friends, family, work colleagues, team mates and basically anyone that will take notice with whom we cross paths.


And what specifically do we want to be acknowledged for ? Often it’s as simple as saying ‘d’day’ or being spoken to by our name, and feeling
connected to another human being. But it’s also about affirmation.


Is knowing our name enough? Whether it’s for cutting the grass or splitting the atom for the first time our inner voices crave some sort of affirmation. We just want to hear the words s… “well done”.


Facebook know this ..that is why in 2009 they introduced the Like button.


Saying hello, using a name or giving positive feedback is so simple and easy to do, yet the knock-on effect could actually make someone’s day.
Go on, try it!


Have a great day
Tony Kiss

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