Does saying “Hello” make a difference?

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You have to ask yourself why are kids so persistent in getting their parents attention? Sounding like a broken record yelling out… “Mum, mum! mum or dad, dad, dad!!!!!!!!” 9.3 million times?   Till finally the beaten and worn-out parent asks the one question that will hopefully stop this kiddie barrage. Taking a deep breath and through gritted […]

Presentation Skills

TEDxSydney Summer 2018 Pitch Night

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TEDx Sydney

I was lucky enough to present at TEDxSydney’s Pitch Night recently on our innate biological drive to be acknowledged as human being. It was a reminder to step outside your comfort zone and say G’day to someone new and always create a beautiful interaction with another human, after all, isn’t that what Humankind is all about? […]